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vKonfig (virtual Configurator)

Using a simple user interface, vKonfig enables a 3rd party to create a 'configurator' system, allowing complex scenes to be built with a graphic 2D front-end, leveraging the Viewer technology; combining this with Cubicstream allows deployment via web browsers or Apps on any platform.

Or, in plain English - vKonfig provides your customers with the ability to configure and visualise your product in final form before they purchase it.

Using almost any mobile or desktop device, we enable your customers to select the options (including shape, size, colour, finish, special variants, sounds, and so on) they require; put them together to arrive at their final preferred specification; then place their order with you… it really is as simple as that!

Already for the automotive and furniture industries, vKonfig allows you to offer 'mass customisation' to your customers… transforming your selling process into a completely engaging; immersive, connected and interactive; joined-up customer experience.

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