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Cubicspace vHotel (virtual Hotel)

Give prospective guests a full and personalised tour of your hotel; from wherever they are!

Experiencing the look and feel of your rooms, in our real-time, interactive 3D video; with vHotel your guests can make the same informed decision as if they’d actually walked into your physical hotel.

Captures bookings… with interactive, walk-around, room experiences – even sitting on the chairs or lying on the bed – plus optional voice-over or video avatar to ‘talk them through’ the features you’re offering.

Encourages upgrades… showcasing your larger rooms or suites by allowing guests to walk around themselves, see the extra space and facilities you can provide, perhaps check out the en-suite or watch the TV?

Other enhancements are also possible for each room, such as theming for a special occasion and personalising their stay. With a little extra effort, we can even include the view from their window!

Promotes your functions too… event organisers and guests can experience your function rooms, meeting spaces and other public areas as if they were actually there; allowing them to consider a myriad of options for complex events such as weddings, other family occasions, business meetings, conferences, perhaps even exhibitions. See vFloorplan too.

vHotel: gives your guests a real taste of what you have to offer

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