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Cubicspace vFurniture (virtual Furniture)

The ultimate ‘try before you buy’…

Imagine if your customers could configure – and experience - their own perfect piece of furniture… using all the options you offer them… but without you having the expense of making and showing every possible variant?

It is entirely possible with vFurniture… our unique, interactive, real-time 3D experience technology.

vFurniture allows your customers to…

  • Choose the range or piece they want
  • Look at different sizes and styles
  • Add and change the finishes
  • Try out and mix different colour-ways and options

See the ‘finished’ piece in a room setting… even sit on it, walk around it and see how well it fits with other furniture…

And all from the comfort of their own home, on a desktop or mobile device – or in-store on a tablet with your sales personnel – in an enticingly immersive 3D experience.

Your customers get to choose exactly what they want… they get to ‘see’ the product in its final form before they buy it… so they can buy with confidence, whenever and wherever it suits them best (even in the middle of the night!)

It’s as if you have a 24/7/365 showroom, stocked with every possible combination you offer, all ready and waiting for your customers to buy… but without the overheads that would entail!

Choose styles Choose coverings Choose leg material and colour Zoom in for more detail See dimensions View any angle
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