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Cubicspace vEvent (virtual Event)

Venue seating – always tricky to show exactly what you are offering; always tricky to know where’s the best spot for you – it can be a minefield.

For many people, buying a ticket can be problematic… which makes the process problematic for you if you’re a venue or a ticket agent too.

Offering seat options from a list, or even a pop-up seat plan, without really showing your customers the actual view and aspect they will experience, can be confusing for them. You know what you’re offering, but can your customers really visualise it? Are they truly comfortable with what they’re looking at, or just hoping they’ve interpreted it right?

You see, our world isn't made from lists or flat maps – it’s 3-dimensional, with stairs, ramps, pillars, balconies, toilets and other real world “stuff” to contend with. And individual events, even in the same venue, may have a different seating layout…

No wonder people often arrive for events hoping they’ve booked good seats, rather than being sure they have!

But with vEvent, you could change all that for them!

Instead, imagine your customers being able to experience your venue as they book…

  • actually sitting in a variety of seats to find the best one for them
  • taking a look around to see exactly where their seat is in relation to the stage and other objects
  • considering how they will access their seat if they have mobility issues
  • then booking immediately, to make sure they get what they want!

With vEvent, your customer can see your venue in immersive, interactive 3D video… transported to the virtual seat of their choice, shown the real view from that seat, linked to your live booking system so they can be sure it’s available to buy...

So, do you think they would still buy cheaper seats when they can actually see the restricted view; or – more than likely – will they pay a little more to be sure of a good view?

With vEvent, you can be sure to offer them the best seats in the house and increase your revenue too!

50% booked, no seat selected 90% booked, no seat selected All seats available 3D view from seat, 2 seats in basket 3D view from seat, 1 seat in basket 3D view from seat, 4 seats in basket
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