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Cubicspace vCruise (virtual Cruise Ships)

If only your clients could experience your ships, before they sail…

24/7/365, from wherever they are in the World…

Even when your ships are fully occupied or out at sea!

Now they can!

The absolute latest in client engagement, vCruise online interactive video gives your guests the opportunity to take a 3D tour like never before; encourages them to make a booking; even entices them into buying an upgrade…

Because we understand that if they can really see – and experience – what you have to offer, then you have a better chance of increasing your occupancy.

But they can’t always come along in person – perhaps your ship is cruising out of port, perhaps the cabins they want to see are already occupied, perhaps they’re simply too far away…

This is when vCruise can help you make the most of your potential and fill those suites.

Lets your clients walk around cabins or take a tour of the ship… and it’s totally interactive too – so they can walk where they want, see things from their perspective, even sit on a balcony and take in the view!

With specific cabin information… we can also add an optional voice over or video avatar to talk your customers through their room features… and why not include a welcome greeting from the captain too?

And realistic, full-scale views… this is real-time interactive 3D video – not an inaccurate 360° fish-eye photo which makes everything look more spacious than it actually is – so your customers will experience the actual size of your cabins and bathrooms, and you will avoid unrealistic expectations and unpleasant on-board issues.

All this, from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or with friends and family… easier than existing options, vCruise is simply there for them on your website. It works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Linux and it’s so easy to share on social networking too – you never know, you could go viral!

vCruise: because you need to stand apart from your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

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