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Cubicspace vAuto (virtual Automotive)

Give your customer the car or bike of their dreams…

If you’re in the automotive industry, you’ll be all too aware that, historically, cars were built at the manufacturers’ expense and kept as stock to be paid for at a later date; but things are changing rapidly, and now cars are configured for the customer, paid for in advance, built and delivered to order.

It’s great when it works, but it can lead to problems too… not least of all, the costly and time-consuming misunderstanding of specifications, with all the issues of unmet expectations that can cause.

BUT not with vAuto – our ground-breaking interactive video, powered by our own real-time 3D experience technology.

vAuto allows you to have mass customisation, which means you can offer instantaneous, easy-to-use, exactly detailed vehicle configuration to your customers:

They can choose exactly how they want their vehicle to look… the model, the colour, the trim level, wheels, interior features and every other option you offer too… and experience it instantly… with an interactive, instantly updating car right before their eyes (no slow software, loading bars or long delays while images are swapped).

Not only can they see all this, on mobiles and desktops including Apple, Android and Windows devices, but they can also move about and interact with the vehicle whilst configuring it too.

It makes the buying decision so much easier for your customers:

They can see and specify exactly what they want, place the order immediately with you; and you can be confident you’re manufacturing and delivering exactly what’s required.

For you, it’s clearly understandable, quick to configure, connected to marketing:

Turning selling your vehicles into a completely interactive, joined-up experience which engages your customers, helping you develop brand loyalty and increase social sharing.

And we have a version specifically for motorbikes too:

So you can offer all the same features to your bike customers too; all to create the perfect ride.

With unlimited features, vAuto transforms buying a vehicle into a completely engaging, interactive and joined-up customer experience; heralding a new era of extremely customisable vehicle manufacturing… it’s a true win/win!

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