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Our Technology

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Over the years we have developed quite a varied portfolio of intellectual property (IP); and we believe it’s this which genuinely sets us apart from our competitors.

Others may tell you they have similar technology, but do they really have the level of understanding, control and ownership of the systems which we do?

With our award-winning, real-time, interactive 3D software; specialist 3D intellectual properties; patent-pending technologies; and development experience at the cutting edge for technologies and products made by Autodesk, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Android… we’re sure they don’t!

Our current technologies on offer to you include:

Allows interactive 3D graphics rendering on any device using video as the delivery format… or put simply… if you can play a YouTube video you can connect to our platform… it really is as easy as that! Find out more

Used to create GPU friendly 3D graphics data for many applications such as architecture, games, simulations, virtual reality, shopping and much more. Find out more

Essentially a GPU rendering engine utilising technologies found in many games, allowing users to experience a 3-dimensional interactive world. Find out more

An advanced lighting computation technology which creates complex lighting in near interactive times.
Find out more

Allows you to have mass customisation, which means you can offer instantaneous, easy-to-use, exactly detailed vehicle configuration to your customers. Find out more

All this… and we’re constantly working on new technologies which help us keep you ahead of your competition…

Because we’re here to help you maximise the potential of 3D for your business.

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