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Allows interactive 3D graphics rendering on any device using video as the delivery format… or put simply… this is interactive 3D video – if you can play YouTube videos you can connect to our platform.

It really is as easy as that!

Cubicstream offers you several unique advantages over other technologies:

  • a single server can handle multiple clients, something that other 3D streaming technologies cannot offer
  • we provide you with an inclusive platform which allows creation and deployment of 3D interactive scenes without requiring a software or network engineer
  • the Cubicstream SDK can even be used to deliver 3D gaming, using either our vViewer 3D engine SDK or with little tinkering even your own 3D engine can be Cubicstream enabled
  • we use Flash or Air for the user interface which means you can create exactly the look and feel you need without the need for your developers to learn new technologies

Cubicstream currently uses Cubicspace vViewer to draw its graphics; however this could be replaced with virtually any piece of software as the backend... the choice, as they say, is yours!

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